The Holistic Approach To Redefining Cancer – New Book Release

The Holistic Approach To Redefining Cancer is suitable for cancer patients, their friends, close relations and anyone who desires to walk the path of the inward revolution back to their center. It may especially appeal to those who are searching for answers concerning disease and self-healing, especially in a situation of fear and where being in control is out of the question.

As a holistic counselor, Kay inspired me to investigate into ‘how’ and ‘why’ she was able to survive, recover and remain in constant remission from an advanced stage of IgG kappa myeloma, an incurable, reoccurring cancer; an illness defined by doctors as a chronic disease that can only be controlled, although not cured, with drugs.

When asking her oncologist how it was possible for a patient of her age (73) with her medical history, to be well into her twelfth year of remission without ever relapsing, her doctor’s only answer was, “Well, Kay, you’re very lucky!”

Science and spirituality are now officially courting. This “mystical marriage” promotes a new paradigm, a universal connection we are only just beginning to understand and embrace—the quantum, holistic approach; a concept that does not promise the coming of a “New Age”, but the return to our true nature and to what is natural and whole. Although holism it is still a vastly underestimated and misunderstood conception among the general public, holistic awareness is now becoming a recognized model in the world of quantum physics, epigenetics, and neuroscience. 

Disease and human suffering are common to us all, but is it necessarily hereditary? The science of Epigenetics is raising revolutionary, ground-breaking questions that challenge mainstream science putting the spotlight on both external data (personal reality) and internal data (endocrine, immune, and nervous systems), a combination of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual circumstances that send particular signals to the membrane (cell brain), which is then transmitted to the genes. As such, certain events cause genes to be expressed or silenced; in other words, they can be triggered or become dormant depending upon the relationship we have with our bodies and their natural cycles, what we eat, where we live, the quality of our interactions with others and ourselves, our ability to deal with emotional stress, and the depth of our spiritual connection to life.

The Holistic approach To Redefining Cancer investigates the holistic, multidimensional resourcefulness of human consciousness, how it influences and interacts with our physical and nonphysical realities, and, consequently, how it influences and interacts with our general state of health. In the light of these recent biological discoveries and studies, healing from an incurable cancer is far from being a stroke of luck. Now Kay’s mysterious recovery makes sense, and more to the point, can be decoded and translated.

Disease and self-healing are not events that happen without our collaboration. Holistic awareness is the key to understanding that personal responsibility (or lack of accountability) towards a collaborative system, both physical and metaphysical, is a concept that can either make or break us, therefore, this book will challenge many of our assumptions and misconceptions concerning disease; not to mention underlining the powerful impact personal responsibility and conscious choice bestows upon us if we choose to embrace the holistic approach.

This book offers its readers the possibility to reflect upon what it proposes. Self-interrogation is something both patients and relations accompanying them, can investigate and experiment personally while reevaluating options other than fighting to survive. Although an obvious choice, fighting cancer does not guarantee victory, and the idea that a disease must be fought and defeated at all costs may exclude the idea of surrendering or letting go as an option, or as a conscious choice;  simply because we associate surrender with defeat and handing over our rights to positive change.

Surrender, on the contrary, is not giving up on our ability to change. Indeed, change becomes what we surrender into!

Kay’s case, investigated in The Holistic Approach To Redefining Cancer, is an optimistic and inspiring example intended to motivate both patients, their friends and close relatives, to acknowledge any physical, emotional and spiritual issues that may arise during treatment for cancer. The challenge is to embrace whatever arises in the moment. Even though we may not like what happens and how it makes us feel, painful feelings deserve to be acknowledged, honored, respected, and given space just as we would treat positive feelings, consequently, the author invites us to begin questioning and observing how, and if, we holistically embrace our bodies, have a flexible mind, express healthy emotions and nurture our soul.

About The Author

Born in London in 1962, Caroline Mary Moore is a certified associate member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing since 1981. A former professional dancer and choreographer, today Caroline is a holistic counselor registered with the Società Italiana Counselor e Operatore Olistico (SICOOL). She specializes in subtle body healing and metaphysical energy work, which deal with the metaphysical breath of the subtle light bodies. Caroline also works as a facilitator of holistic education and energy hygiene, and is dedicated to helping her clients discover new resources within, empowering and supporting them during transitions and personal transformations. Caroline lives in Mantua, Italy, with her husband, Oscar; three children, Michael, Robin, and Nastasja; their cat, Iside; their dog, Nuvola; and their two horses, Galaad and Summer.


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