Self-Healing and Empowerment in the Face of Adversity

In a three dimensional world that  judges human existance by the dualistic swing of opposing opposites, is it possible to find balance and self-heal?

The universe is not linear, there is no past or future, only what is. In perpetual movement, the universe is timeless and in search of equilibrium and we are connected, rather than separate from it – part of a holistic connection based upon consistency in which each interaction between physical systems leads to a state of “entanglement,” implying a loss of identity of the interacting systems. Therefore, the universe is an “unbroken whole,” and humanity is an integrate part of its unity-totality.

The span of a single human life is just a mere drop in the ocean of existence. We may not wish to admit it, but change is the only constant in our universe as well as in our  personal lives; although we tend to resist and react when required to expand, change and innovate what has become a comfortable or recognizable way of life.

Stability, whether it is pleasing or not, is reassuring, change, on the other hand, destabilizes even the intrepid.

Evolution is progressive and creative. Nature demonstrates very clearly that, in order to pass from one state of order to another, a period of disorder is required. From the macrocosm to the microcosm of human life, order is born from chaos, a theory that applies  both to our health and wellbeing in general.

Existence is not in conflict with itself. Only the human ego separates life into black and white by judging every experience as right or wrong, good or bad, and so forth. When the order of health or wellbeing has been substituted by chaos and imbalance, the possibility to expand and grow through the processes of duality requests abstaining from riding the pendulum’s continuous dualistic swing, courageously choosing creative responses over fear-based reactions. This can be considered taking full response-ability (ability to respond) for our lives and personal reality, and in doing so we:

  • Embrace whatever arises without judgment (adversity becomes an instrument of personal grow).
  • Maintain a non-dualistic fight-or-fail attitude towards negative situations, people or events.
  • Remain centered with a neutral attitude (recognizing when we “loose it”).
  • Surrender the need to control and use defense mechanisms.
  • Learn to ask and accept help from others (as well as helping ourselves).
  • Participate actively, finding creative responses rather than reacting (being passive, defensive or in denial).
  • Apply resilience as a means to thrive in the face of adversity.

These seven points are fundamental to any stressful life situation; several have distinct qualities of surrender. Unlike renunciation or the waving of the white flag, surrender is a state of being. It is a propensity toward trust rather than an action of laying down arms in submission and defeat. Authentic surrender along with vulnerability are probably two of the most difficult states to achieve because both require flowing receptively with whatever life has to offer without putting up any form of resistance.

During stressful life events, the dualistic pendulum always oscillates between right and wrong, must or must not, victim and aggressor, winner and loser. It is a cut-and-dried, black-and-white reality. On the other hand, surrendering to whatever arises represents the shades of grey, the pivot of the pendulum, a position of immobility and equilibrium, the middle between the two poles of opposition, a state existing outside of the dualistic mind.

This dimension of creative transformation favors balance and therefore, self-healing is available in the here and now, where every probability exists outside of linear time and is accessible through the willingness to experience life in the present, unconditionally and devoid of moral judgment, stimulating the quality of resilience, a powerful human resource, a counter movement to the adaption syndrome called stress. Resilience is defined as an individual’s ability to successfully adapt to life’s innovations in the face of social disadvantage or highly adverse conditions.

In the old, fear-based paradigm, especially as far as illness is concerned, medicine treats disease through a disempowering regime based upon determining and treating symptoms, either aggressively bombarding a patient with chemical substances, or cutting out the disease through surgery. We have handed over our health exclusively into the hands of surgeons and doctors who diagnose us, treat us, operate on us, and medicate us. Medical practitioners are the wielders of miracles and dispensers of fate, and we have become powerless. Through medical intervention we either live or die. It is as simple as that—or is it?

Life is a combination of expansion and contraction. Although we are unable to avoid the duality of human existence, we can choose how to participate in the journey. Either we decide to live in separation, in a state of need and scarcity as victims, pushed aimlessly to and fro by mysterious forces, which apparently do not have our best interests at heart. Or we can choose a life of Self-Sovereignty, to walk the labyrinth,  a circuitous path that takes us back to what is whole and natural. A spiritual journey inwards and back out into the world with a more aware, profound and authentic understanding of who we really are.

Exercising our right to live an empowered life, means embracing our creative ability to successfully adapt to life’s innovations in the face of highly adverse conditions and requires connecting rather than separating from life and its natural flow as we actively, responsibly, and courageously participate in life’s numerous joyful adventures and painful challenges.

Self- healing resides within our intricate nature, however, it is not a quality to be taken for granted, it is a way of life that needs to be cultivated – no one can heal for us. The first step to embracing self-healing is choice and the choice is entirely ours.


Caroline Mary Moore

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