Collateral Beauty: A Mysterious Side Effect to Human Suffering Felt in the Heart!

If you’ve seen the film starring Will Smith, then the article title makes sense, if you haven’t, you may be perplexed because, Collateral is not a word normally related to beauty.

Commonly associated with drug side effects, with bank guarantees for repayment, with sacrificial losses and damages in warfare, it also applies to a genealogical relationship that unites two people by descent from the same progenitor, and the after effect or parallel development related, even accidentally, to an experience or event.

It is the latter, an incidental, and collateral after effect that emerges when we are inspired to find something positive, constructive and even beautiful within traumatic events that are typically judged as being depressing, painful or shocking.

I say typically, because negativity doesn’t have a good reputation. Events that produce obstacles and personal pain are judged as annoying, distasteful, and are usually blamed on lifes unpredictability and its inability to conform to our needs and desires!

Life however, is not a black-and-white reality, expansion and contraction are part of the multidimensional human experience, and if we are engaged in a life long journey of personal growth, the invitation is to go deeper within to experience other levels of human consciousness; away from the chaotic surface of material life, where the majority of people interact, investing in impulsive automatic reactions rather than awareness and creative responses.

Being receptive requires effort. It is a choice-a way of life; because acknowledging uncomfortable and painful experiences, rather than denying, repressing, reacting or lashing out, means taking full responsibility for what we do, think and feel without justifying or projecting blame elsewhere.

This doesn’t mean we need to invest in positive thinking, becoming one of those people with a permanent smile, who attempt to force acceptance at all costs!

Positivity can be a surface strategy that occults our attachment to pain and suffering deep within. Negative unconscious energy, in the guise of repressed emotional suffering, resonates and vibrates with ulterior negative energy and then attracts it. When denied or vented, emotional suffering manifests as a struggle between two identical polarities that repulse and repel each other (inner states verses outer manifestations) and to protect ourselves from this inner/outer chaos, we are forced to close the door to our inner being, barring the entrance, and as such, we lose a precious opportunity to transform our suffering (base metal) into wisdom (pure gold).

When Collateral Beauty becomes a reality, whether it is a natural or accidental consequence to a situation or event that is traumatic, shocking, painful or difficult, the beauty will not magically transform pain into acceptance, but our inner conflict will be soothed, bringing balance, gratitude and a feeling of grace, offering those that knowledge it another perspective devoid of our emotional filters.

Expanding consciousness and amplifying our senses beyond all limits previously experienced, Collateral Beauty touches our heart to the point of permitting us to smile through the pain while warm and silent tears flow plentifully, purifying our souls, as an alternative of falling victim to silent desolation or expressing visceral cries of horror and despair.

Being open to Collateral Beauty means flowing, being connected, allowing an event to just happen without entering into mental conflict, because it cannot be understood or analyzed-it is felt and expressed only in the heart.

From this space of presence, devoid of judgment, being emotionally moved by Collateral Beauty feels like something mysterious, intangible and accidental has touched us, leaving us dazed and very much alive at the same time!

Anyone who seeks it, forces, expects, judges or fights it will not feel the subtle fluttering of its delicate wings. Only those who remain open are able to receive this unexplainable feeling of connection that occurs, especially during, or after, an overwhelming event which leaves a subtle perfume, an enigmatic trail of messages to decipher and interpret-signs and intimate messages, that like a regenerative balm, bring comfort; relieving the pressure of our pain and healing our wounds.

The power of Collateral Beauty is tangible, perceivable in the eyes of those that encounter it. It is an undeniable truth that overrules every reasonable argument against it, however, living this experience is not a foregone conclusion, like the fearless of heart, a sentiment that requires familiarity with intense fear in order to be able to recognize the nonexistence of it, this quality is revealed to those who have encountered pain and allowed it to exist in its purest form, without projecting the grievances of the ego, the dualistic and moralistic side of humanity that fights and screams, totally oblivious to the peace that comes from surrendering and abandoning our lamentations to something far greater than ourselves; even if it means accepting the loss of our dreams and desires, or accepting death itself.

Collateral Beauty teaches us how to kneel humbly before the mystery of life, and when we savor its blessing, even for a fleeting moment, the way we perceive and experience life is changed forever.


Caroline Mary Moore






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