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Cancer knows no boundaries; it has the power to devastate the lives of so many people. We feel that our mother/Grandmother’s incredible journey of self-healing can be an inspiration to so many people, whether they are patients, relatives or friends.

My Mums story with cancer inspired me, as an holistic counselor, to investigate and write a book about ‘how’ and ‘why’ she was able to survive, recover and remain in constant remission (now 15 years), from an advanced stage of IgG kappa myeloma, an incurable, reoccurring cancer; an illness defined by doctors as a chronic disease that can only be controlled, although not cured, with drugs.

When her oncologist was asked how it was possible to be still in remission without ever relapsing, her doctor’s only answer was, “Well, Kay, you’re very lucky!”

Until a few years ago, adequate information supporting holistic awareness was unavailable to the masses. Although  it is still a vastly underestimated and misunderstood conception among the general public, holistic awareness is now becoming a recognized model in the world of quantum physics, epigenetics, and neuroscience. In the light of  the latest genetic research and biological discoveries, healing from an incurable cancer is far from being a stroke of luck.

Now Kay’s mysterious remisson makes sense, and more to the point, can be decoded and translated.

This cause is very close to our hearts, as such, our intent is to reach as many people as possible sharing with them Kay’s experience of self-healing.

We require help in financing our first 2 day workshop “ The Holistic Approach to Redefining Cancer”.  If you feel you can support us in this project, any donation, however small, would be greatly appreciated.

To donate, please click on the image below which will take you directly to the website ‘gofundme’The Weekend Workshop

The Holistic Approach To Redefining Cancer Weekend Workshop is an experimental journey that investigates the holistic, multidimensional resourcefulness of human consciousness, how it influences and interacts with our physical and nonphysical realities, and, consequently, how it influences and interacts with our general state of health. Disease and self-healing are not events that happen without our collaboration. Holistic awareness is the key to understanding that personal responsibility (or lack of accountability) towards a collaborative system, both physical and metaphysical, is a concept that can either make or break us, therefore, this workshop will challenge many of our assumptions and misconceptions; not to mention underlining the powerful impact personal responsibility and conscious choice bestows upon us when we choose to embrace the holistic approach.

This workshop offers participants the possibility to reflect upon what it proposes – making the journey from the head back to the heart. Although open to anyone, it is particularly suitable for patients and relatives accompanying them during treatment and recovery, offering all the possibility to investigate, and experiment personally, how to disempower a socially negative stigma like cancer.

The workshop is constructed around Kay’s case, who in 2005 was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable, relapsing, remitting cancer. This case is investigated in The Holistic Approach To Redefining Cancer, which is an optimistic and inspiring example intended to motivate whoever has encountered cancer, as well as those who desire to adopt the policy: prevention is better than cure. In all cases, participants will be encouraged to acknowledge any physical, emotional and spiritual issues that may arise during the weekend.

The challenge is to embrace whatever arises in the moment. Even though we may not like what happens and how it makes us feel, painful feelings deserve to be acknowledged, honored, respected, and given space just as we would treat positive feelings, consequently, the workshops objective is to stimulate its participants to begin questioning and observing how, and if, they holistically embrace their bodies, have a flexible mind, express healthy emotions and nurture their souls. 


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