‘Corona Virus’ or Awakening of the Corona (Crown)….The Choice is Ours

Most people are consciously aware now that COVID-19 is serious business. As a consequence, we are all forced to live a paradox—both an exceptional and discomforting period of physical distancing and, in some cases, isolation.

When our habits and routines are disrupted, any emotional vulnerabilities, which are normally repressed, projected or strategized, risk being triggered and amplified. This may occur due to being unable of moving away from the triggering source or because the usual strategies which distract us from dealing with our uncomfortable emotions, have been eliminated from our daily routine.

During quarantine or ‘lockdown’, mixed feelings of frustration and hopelessness can emotionally divide us into two distinct groups—those who fight and those who implode (fight or flight mode).

Fight mode requires taking action, finding answers, hence ‘doing’ becomes mandatory, a way to counteract feeling helpless, because we no longer have control over personal choice, not to mention our lives in general.

Being ‘busy’ at all costs distracts us from encountering those uncomfortable and painful shadow qualities, and helps keep those metaphorical ‘band aids’ firmly secured in order to keep past wounds under control, and as such—they remain inaccessible to be felt, seen and heard now in the present moment. 

Flight mode is the opposite. Expressed usually with inertia, passivity, implosion and auto commiseration, feeling powerless turns any attempt to take action into a futile endeavor. The result however, is the same; because falling into the trap of self-pity is an unconscious strategy to avoid taking full responsibility for the real reason behind our emotional turmoil.

Either way, the mind is distracted with pursuing numerous conspiracy theories and scientific explanations as to ‘why’ we are all experiencing this unwanted global change, and although the phrase goes: “while there’s life there’s hope”, the change many are hoping for, is to return to the normality we ‘enjoyed’ before the arrival of COVID-19.

This idea, although comforting, cannot be considered a change.

Authentic change means venturing into the unknown, but our normal yard stick for perceiving reality is through a safety net, or small pin prick that enables our minds to travel on a journey that oscillates like a pendulum between the past/future, future/past.

Apprehension for an unknown future and a certain nostalgia for the past, stops us all from accepting the present moment as it is; which is fundamental at this precise moment because our uncertainties and fears are likely to spread misinformation and panic like wild fire.

The truth is, our old world is gone forever and the impression of living suspended in a timeless bubble, is evident when compared to the speed in which time was perceived before the arrival of COVID—19.

Time was accelerated to the point in which we were expected to produce frenetically. Entire nations were running a rat race, prioritizing Economy over Life, ‘having’ rather than ‘being’ and ‘feeling’.

Now, suddenly we are all focalized on ‘being’ healthy and ‘feeling’ well; the rat race has ceased abruptly leaving nothing more to ‘have’ than the virus itself!

Long before COVID—19 arrived, a minority of humanity felt impelled to embark upon the arduous inner journey from the head back to the ‘feeling’ heart. If you are one of these people, the commitment to live in the present moment was demanding because in opposition to our external reality (past/future). Now the self-seeker is witness to an extraordinary event—both the inner and outer realities are in synchronicity!

The world has changed and our immediate future is imperceptible; it simply does not exist!

Those who have already experimented living in the moment, can finally flow with a dimension that, until a few weeks ago, was so difficult to maintain because in contrast with the speed in which our external reality was travelling.

The world described by many as ‘apocalyptic’ because deserted, is a subjective interpretation of those who are unfamiliar with the inner ‘void’. For many, reality now reflects immobility, calmness a meditative quality; all of a sudden the present is omnipresent!

Without exception, we are all faced with embracing this extraordinary inability to plan for the future.

The days of the week, for the majority, have lost meaning. Forced to live in close proximity, after the first days of apparent ‘vacation’, many will have to deal with what emerges, because nobody can escape from the present.

It is curious how COVID—19, or ‘Corona Virus’ can be inverted into Virus of the Corona (crown), the high frequency, spiritual crown center or seventh chakra which represents: metamorphosis, death, transmutation and transformation, all of which are particular qualities of COVID—19.

In numerology, the number nineteen (19) is a distortion of the independence and autonomy of the number one (1). For this reason, when under its influence we tend to intensify, sometimes stubbornly, a sense of autonomy to the point of refusing or thinking we can function efficiently without the help of others. This idea can lead those under its influence to refuse the fact that we are all, as one human race, intimately (holistically) connected to each other.

Furthermore, nineteen (19) can be considered a sort of union between the attributes of number one (1) and number nine (9). In this case, the number one (1) refers to its motto: I am me and I always want to be myself. The words “Unique” and “Independent” are also clear symbolic connotations connected to the energy of number one (1) aimed at motivation and new beginnings.

Number nine (9), on the other hand, can be interpreted as a catalyst for the Universal Principle or Karma—of spiritual awakening. Read in this way, the number nineteen (19) assumes the meaning:

A unique and independent (personal and spiritual) journey and a “New Karmic Beginning”.

Regarding our future? All that’s available is a handful of suppositions and previsions, there are no answers because human life post COVID—19 is totally unknown. One thing is certain; our challenge as one race is to learn that life always prevails while materialistic societies fall.

As we remain in lockdown we are offered a golden opportunity to find our own Collateral Beauty and experiment with ‘not doing’. With so much time on our hands, now is the moment to stop filling the void (empty space) with useless chatter, manic cleaning, obsessive COVID—19 research, junk TV etc…

The accent now is on quality not quantity.

It’s a wonderful opportunity, an invitation to free our minds, embrace our bodies, feel our emotions and nourish our souls.

How? Be receptive not active or passive. Observe, listen and feel both ourselves and others. Let’s ‘be’ wise with our time and how we decide to invest it; last but not least, stop running away from ourselves…

When it’s time for the curtain to raise again, self-sovereignty, personal responsibility, self-inquiry, authenticity, life over materialism and conscious awareness will be our instruments, not weapons.  It’s time to lay down our arms, the crusades are over. The time has come to stop fighting and shouting for rights that are already ours or submitting in sullen silence as powerless victims.

It’s time to grow people, to stop pointing fingers (and guns) at others and learn to embrace responsibly, any personal changes OUR lives are forcing each and every one of us to make. 

Make that change, because embracing our changes, changes the world

Caroline Mary Moore


About The Author

Born in London in 1962, Caroline Mary Moore is a certified associate member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing since 1981. A former professional dancer and choreographer, today Caroline is a registered holistic counselor (AIPO) specialized in subtle body healing and metaphysical energy work, which deals with the metaphysical breath of the subtle light bodies.

Caroline lives in Mantua, Italy, with her husband and three children, and is the author of the book ” The Holistic Approach To Redefining Cancer.”  Working as a facilitator of holistic education and energy hygiene,  Caroline helps her clients discover new resources within, empowering and supporting them during transitions and personal transformations.


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